Living Zenith Three Home Features

Thermal Envelope

While most homes leak temperature like a sieve and Americans have just come to accept that as the status quo, Living Zenith homes have a multi-faceted thermal envelope that keeps home owners at an ambient 72 degrees year round with relative ease. Our homes have a HERS rating of almost zero. Google that to see how impressive it is. We use foam foundations so unlike traditional homes the floor isn’t a source of massive temperature loss. Our walls are far above thermal standards. Our windows and doors are both sealed and highly insulative. We’ve examined the thermal standards in detail and rewritten what could be done from the ground up.

Crystal Clear Air

In a city like Salt Lake where air quality is a major concern, the environment inside a Living Zenith home is better than our mountain air. Furnishes with low- or no-toxins. Materials selected specifically to not off-gas. Ventilations and filtration systems that don’t bring bad air in and remove particulates and toxins from the air that could potentially do harm. As one of our residents put it, “I cook Southeast Asian and my home should smell for hours if not days. In my Living Zenith home the smell is gone within an hour.” That is the power of proper clean air management.

Energy Efficiency That is Without Peer

From appliances installed to maximize efficiency to lighting and ventilation systems that take advantage of the latest technologies a Living Zenith home’s energy usage footprint is all about efficiency. Your impact on the environment is reduced and your bank account will thank you when you get your utility bill.