Lake Street

This quaint net zero community offers 12 townhomes tucked under a canopy of trees in an enclave next to 9th & 9th. Each Euro-Modern townhome offers net zero energy resilience and premiere aesthetic at the pinnacle of comfort.

These 2 story, 700 s/f units of living space include 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, luxury kitchen, flexible spaces to accommodate guests and beautiful mountain views. Additionally, each unit will have an attached garage for tenants with electric chargers and storage for your gear (skis, kayaks, climbing gear welcome). 


9th & 9th Community

This highly walkable community means you can do most of your errands on foot. At the apex of a vibrant social scene, this neighborhood boasts some of Salt Lake’s best hang-outs: Italian gelateria, Indie cinema, bookstores, coffee houses, Asian markets and boutique cafes. Minutes from Trolley Square, downtown, Liberty Park, and the UofU, you can embrace a secluded retreat at the heart of downtown.



Located near 9th & 9th

Better Living by
Inspired by award-winning engineering, these smart homes integrate the best aspects of Passivehaus, LEED-certified, and Net-Zero architecture.
Euro-modern passive house with cedar, brushed concrete (smooth stucco) and steel accents.
With a modern aesthetic that is simple yet sublime, Living Zenith offers the pinnacle of form seamlessly fused with functionality.
Stunning renewable finishes compliment our integrated energy design, including:
› FSC-certified Cedar
› Natural Oak
› Reclaimed steel
› Recycled concrete
› Concrete floors
› Quartz countertops
With abundant natural lighting, the open-flow kitchen offers a gathering space with joint patterns that flow into the great room and other areas of the house.
Each home design centers around a great room serving as the heart of the home, strategically placed to take advantage of the spectacular mountain views.
Greener Building with
Embrace the independence of powering your own home. Our strategic net-zero design allows your home to create the energy it needs.
Our tight construction means you need less power to keep your home comfortable, and nearly eliminates your utility bills.
A Living Zenith home is like a Yeti® cooler–insulated so well that it takes very little energy to heat or cool it. It also keeps out mold, pollution, and pests. Combined with our fresh air system, your home will always have clean, pure air.
Our innovative HVAC system allows you to heat/cool only the rooms in your home that need it. Gone are the days of having to run your furnace at full capacity, simply because your bedroom is cold at night.

Triple-filtered Fresh Air

Don’t be deceived by the graceful looks of our doors and windows, we only install premium, steel-reinforced products that are weather-ready masterpieces of manufacturing. Whether your home is in the city center or the high alpine, our doors and windows seal tight and insulate beyond the highest industry standards.
We proudly source from Budvar USA Windows & Doors.
High Performance Doors
Steel-reinforced and always a perfect fit, Living Zenith doors are one of the keys to achieving our ‘thermos-like’ homes and keeping you comfortable in both the summer and winter.
Triple Paned Windows
The standard of excellence in Europe is now standard in all of our Living Zenith homes. Fitted with triple paned, Low-E glass and a steel core, Living Zenith windows provide excellent energy efficiency, clarity and performance.
LED Lighting
Quality LED light bulbs beat out traditional bulbs in durability, lifespan, and energy efficiency. Living Zenith LEDs use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than even incadescent lighting.
Powered by the Sun
Embrace the independence and safety of powering your own home during the day and saving excess electricity to your battery or exporting to the grid when there’s a surplus.
Keep the Lights On
With a fully-integrated home battery, the Living Zenith PV+Storage system powers your home at night or during an outage with energy saved up during the day.
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