Is This the Future of Homes in Utah?

“Creating as much energy as you use, that’s the goal of a net-zero home. Some Utah homeowners have achieved it, but never before has a home builder set out to build it, until now.”

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About Utah: Clearing the air, one house at a time

“The math is simple: If buildings stopped polluting, the air outside would be nearly 40 percent cleaner.”

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Living Zenith: Utah’s first Net Zero community

“While most homebuilders fought to keep old energy codes this last legislative session there’s a new builder who’s bucking the trend and starting green from the ground up.”

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Developers break ground on net-zero community

This innovative approach to homebuilding shifts Utah housing onto a green trajectory of energy-efficient new builds and retrofits. “This isn’t just about the five homes we are building today, this is about changing our city.”

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Politics, Bears Ears and Reaching Net-Zero

“We met in Katmandu doing work for education empowerment of rural villagers and in Nepal, in a remote village in the Himalayas, we saw the power of a solar installation to transform lives.”

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Net-zero community coming to Salt Lake

“I fully support this project… I think we should promote eco friendly homes as much as we can,” said a resident that lives directly adjacent to the project site.”

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