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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 1-19-17 Salt Lake City, UT

Living Zenith to cut ribbon on Utah’s first Net Zero Community

Utah will set a new benchmark in energy efficiency when Living Zenith, the Governor’s Office of Energy Development, and other key stakeholders cut the ribbon on the state’s first net zero community on Jan. 24, 2017.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10-18-16 Salt Lake City, UT

Birthing Clean Air at Liberty Park: Utah’s First Net Zero Community

Inspired to improve air quality for their four kids, this team forges into new developer-territory to clear the air and reduce their asthmatic symptoms on red air days.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 9-9-16 Salt Lake City, UT

Living Zenith at Liberty Park: The First Net Zero Community in Utah

Net Zero means a home generates as much energy as it uses in a year.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 9-9-16 Salt Lake City, UT

Living Zenith Founders: Humanitarians Turned Green Builders

How Mitchell Spence and Tiffany Ivins met, married, and went from serving in Nepal to creating the first Net Zero community in Salt Lake City, UT

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Living Zenith at Liberty Park Sales Specs and Photos Sales Sheet
Founders, Mitchell Spence, Tiffany Ivins, and family on the MeKong River