Living Zenith at Liberty Park Collaborates with DOE

SALT LAKE CITY – Aug. 29, 2017 – Over the course of the past year Living Zenith by Redfish Builders has been working closely with the U.S. Department of Energy (U.S. DOE) and the Utah Office of Energy Development (Utah OED) to raise awareness for net zero homes, or homes that have the capacity to produce as much energy as they consume in a given year.

The early results have been promising as the first net zero community in Utah, Living Zenith at Liberty Park, has already sold every home and their next community, Living Zenith at Mendon Court near downtown Salt Lake City, has a waiting list of interested buyers who are passionate about homes with the unique energy generation and heat retention property systems implemented by Living Zenith.

“We have found the U.S. DOE and the Utah OED incredibly useful partners in both facilitating and then promoting the principles of sustainable, energy efficient housing,” says Mitchell Spence, co-founder of Living Zenith homes along with his wife Tiffany Ivins.

Tiffany and Mitchell were invited to participate in the Retooling America Conference in Washington D.C. and were mentored by Sam Rashkin, the Chief Architect of the DOE, based on their innovative approach to rethinking how Utah homes could be built now and in the future.

“We were excited to have Sam Rashkin, (the Chief Architect for the U.S. DOE) come out to visit us in Utah. He said the Liberty Communtiy is among the highest performing of the communities he’s visited and he was eager to both share his own insight and learn from some of the unique approaches we were designing in our homes.,” offers Tiffany Ivins. “The whole DOE team has been nothing but supportive of improving the energy resiliency of Utah homes.”

In addition the valuable help of collaborating with local leaders like Shauna Cuan and Laura Nelson at the Utah OED were cited as key in helping establish demand for homes so unique in the Utah market.

Mitch looks to the future, “We believe that public/private partnerships like those we have with the U.S. DOE and the Utah OED are key to gaining the greatest possible adoption of housing approaches that will benefit Utahns for generations to come. We look forward to what the future brings.”

About: Living Zenith is a movement focused on “Greener Building for Better Living.” Redfish Builders focuses on innovation in the areas of home efficiency, energy generation, indoor air quality and modern design. Founded in 2016, the brand has won multiple innovation and design awards and has plans for three more communities in the Salt Lake area and other communities across the state of Utah. Visit to learn more.

Tiffany Ivins