Welcome to life at the zenith.

Living Zenith created Utah’s 1st net zero community in Salt Lake’s historic Liberty Park Neighborhood. Our home designs and innovative construction processes proved that net-zero construction is possible for any home. With smart technology and strategic design, our green homes generate as much energy as they use in one year.

We are dedicated to changing the building standards so that everyone can live in a Living Zenith home. Any home builder can incorporate net-zero building practices. All of us can live in healthy communities and comfortable buildings that don’t pollute.

Living Zenith means you can live in a healthy community at the heart of a walkable neighborhood while embracing comfort and aesthetic.


Father of US Passive Solar Design

Father of US Passive Solar Design

The Sun: Friend or Foe? Every summer, as I venture out into the sun for a the first tentative hike or swim, the scorching rays and my burned skin remind me of the sun’s power. Architects have also long appreciated the role of the sun and evidence of sun-conscious...

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Game Changing Insulated Foundations

Game Changing Insulated Foundations

Our insulated foundation sits on a thick slab of 14 inches of engineered geofoam, helping us achieve a thermos-like structure that is ultra-insulated. In practical terms, insulating the foundation means that your home’s internal temperature will stay more constant, and that your utility bills will be much lower.

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Sarah Susanka

Sarah Susanka

Sarah Susanka is one of those people whose ideas are so huge and powerful that they transform entire industries. She championed the idea of designing homes that focused on quality over size, and published the seminal book The Not So Big House in 1998. We often turn to...

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SLC announced Redfish as a winner in the Innovation Competition with a Living Zenith Net-Zero Design.


If buildings stopped polluting, the air outside would be almost 40% cleaner

Unveiling Living Zenith at Liberty Park

“The idea of Living Zenith is to make healthier, better performing homes our standard.”

-Mitchell Spence

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