Here’s how we get to net zero.


Getting to Net Zero requires:

Site layout (optimal solar gain, landscape)

Optimized seasonal engineering: sun in winter/shade in summer

Tight envelope design and structure size

Air tight exterior

Continuous filtering of indoor air

Triple-pane Low-E windows

Low-E appliances (non-gas, induction systems)

Comprehensive energy monitoring system

Localized LED lighting

Mini-split heating/cooling systems

“Net zero” means your energy bill is $0 over a year.

We  do this by focusing on three keys:

1. Design site right.

2. Seal it tight.

3. Power with sunlight.

Our Net Zero homes are personalized micro-environments.

Here’s our algorithm:

First: Isolate and protect each home from outdoor pollution and weather extremes by wrapping foundation, roof, and walls with insulation to make an air-tight thermal barrier.

Second: Carefully install triple pane Low-E windows and tightly seal them to maintain the thermal envelope. Each window opening is engineered to let in sun to heat in winter and prevent heat in the summer through sunshades.

Third: Create strategic air temps and flow through energy-efficient systems. HRV air cycling provides continuous input of fresh, filtered, outside air.

Fourth: Select customized energy-saving appliances, low-flow water features and smart tech tools to let owners monitor and control their home on-site and remotely.

Fifith: Add on-site solar energy creation to provide plentiful clean electricity to the home.

Living Zenith Specs:

State of the art solar energy PV arrays (5.5kW) with individual micro inverters

Industry leading inverter with Net Meter and Battery operation

Rigid XPS foam (slab=R20; walls=R42, roof=R76)

XPS Ridged foam, Closed cell spray foam and High-­density blow-­in bibs system

Completely Air Tight walls, windows and doors

Ducted 21 SEER Mini Split systems with Venmar HRV air circulation and purification

High­-performance triple pane thermal windows (U­Value<0.21-.23)

High­-efficiency lighting (LED)

Low-flow water fixtures and toilets

Best in class Bosch Energy Star Appliances

Home-­energy manager to monitor/adapt energy use (the central nervous system)

Rain catchment compatibility

3’+ roof overhangs, sunshades, pergolas


We use: sustainable and socially responsible solar panels; renewable cedar sheathing and lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council; and plant-based insulation; wool carpet; soy-based non-toxic paint.