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Game Changing Insulated Foundations

Our insulated foundation sits on a thick slab of 14 inches of engineered geofoam, helping us achieve a thermos-like structure that is ultra-insulated. In practical terms, insulating the foundation means that your home’s internal temperature will stay more constant, and that your utility bills will be much lower.

Sarah Susanka

Sarah Susanka is one of those people whose ideas are so huge and powerful that they transform entire industries. She championed the idea of designing homes that focused on quality over size, and published the seminal book The Not So Big House in 1998. We often turn to...

Feature: Badger Springs House

Situated on the Navajo Nation, this 730 s/f home was designed and built by the University of Utah’s DesignBuildBLUFF, and there’s a lot to learn from it. As designers of passive, net zero homes in the harsh climate of northern Utah, we appreciate the challenges faced...

Ultra Marathoner Goes Ultra Efficient

As we research the housing industry we often find homes that embody the Living Zenith vision of Greener Building for Better Living, such as this one from Jared Campbell, which you can read about below. Within running circles, Jared Campbell is known for his...

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