Utah Home Builders That Embrace Exceptionalism: Living Zenith

As the only Utah home builder committed to completely rethinking the way homes are constructed, Living Zenith is rewriting the way a home is built. From energy efficiency to electricity generation; from walkable, community-centric neighborhood layouts to home plans that focus less on sprawl and more on multi-function, multi-use schemes; from smart technologies that seamlessly automate your home to a health focus that eliminates toxins and air pollutants common in most homes; from the integration of smart technologies that enhance living to design that avoids fads and focuses on durable timeless aesthetic using sustainable materials; Living Zenith is a complete revolution in how you should think about your home.

The First Utah Passive House Builders

As the first builders in Utah to whole-heartedly adopt the passive house approach to building, our homes are already far above the standards set by the most rigorous guidelines available. We utilize technologies that provide an uncompromising thermal envelope that has resulted in one of the lowest HERS ratings Utah testers have assessed.

Integrated passive solar design, mini splits that effectively transfer heat through the home, and heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) that dramatically reduce thermal loss during ventilation are just some of the methods we employ making our homes stand out when it comes to the passive house method. In fact, our homes are currently the only homes on the Utah market which can claim net-zero readiness – the ability to produce more energy than they consume over the course of a year.

We applaud Utah home builders who are willing to take on some of these principles but believe that a full commitment to energy efficiency and clean energy is the best path forward for Utah homes. To learn more about the specifics of our passive homes in Utah, please visit this page.

Homes Built With an Uncompromising Commitment to Air Quality and Health

The Wasatch front sadly boasts one of the worst air quality areas in the nation. We are helping address that problem with improved indoor air quality within our homes and with a hefty reduction in the amount of emissions and pollutants a home would typically be responsible for.  The lowered energy use plus the clean electricity generation that we include in our designs is the single biggest factor in pollution and emission reduction in Living Zenith homes.

But that is not all, our indoor air quality and healthy environments are a core part of our approach as well. We emphasize low- and no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials in all of our furnishings and finishes, meaning toxins are kept to a minimum and far below the average home. Our indoor air filtration is second to none meaning that the air you breathe in a Living Zenith home is likely better than the air in the alpine mountains of the Wasatch front. Sounds incredible but a well thought out indoor ventilation system delivers that kind of healthy, breathable air.

Smart Home and Automation Features Are Standard

In today’s world technology can feel invasive. In the Living Zenith home intelligent automation, surveillance and monitoring blend seamlessly with the design to create all of the benefits of modern automation while allowing a homes natural appeal to remain uncompromised. Monitoring the performance of your home from energy and water consumption to temperature and home safety should be standards we believe not upgrades. These features make you more comfortable and safer. With quality surveillance of your home available to you securely from any device you can also feel confident in your ability to know the status of your home at any time from anywhere.

Design Aesthetic Crafted for the Long Haul

So many designs in homes come and go leaving your home feeling dated within just a few years. In addition, some homes, even so called “premium” homes, are built with materials that quickly degrade and leave significant costs for restoration or maintenance far before it should be necessary. Our homes are designed with an eye towards durable aesthetic and beauty that will last the years, maintain it’s visual appeal and endure the test of time.

That doesn’t mean we scrimp. With beautifully curated finishes and design selections that are elegant but minimal in nature, you can sense the quality as soon as you walk through the doors of a Living Zenith home.

What’s more we are sensitive to the importance of sustainably sourced materials in our construction. We make it our business to assess the environmental impact of the elements that make up a house. We have traveled to the Himalayas to find the right carpets as well as selected local woods. Depending on the situation we go where necessary to include thoughtfully selected materials inside and out.

Community-centric Design Means Walkability Plus Connection

At Living Zenith we are believers in the new approach to housing where neighbors are meant to connect, walkability and access are core to lifestyle, and the relation of each property to the community are imperative. We choose locations that intentionally allow ready access to community. Our landscapes have a connectedness and layout that make fences less important and paths to our neighbors and the surrounding community more so.

Support the Living Zenith Movement

As Utah home builders we take seriously all of the commitments above. We believe that Utah has the potential to lead in the future of housing across the country and that wise choices now lead to wonderful living down the road.

If you have a similar philosophy about housing, we encourage you to take a look at a Living Zenith home. Even if you are not interested in a new home at the moment, we’d love to have you support the energy by telling others what can really be made possible if we build thoughtfully and align where we live with what we care about.