Passive-solar, net zero, sustainable, healthy smart homes.


Walkable, green, urban, historic, hip and close to everything.


Euro-modern, sustainable materials, exquisite finishes, and open flow.

Living Zenith at Liberty Park: Utah’s first net zero community.

This walkable urban retreat integrates passive haus designs, LEED standards, cutting-edge technologies and sustainably sourced materials. Meticulously curated for a comprehensive urban lifestyle, these smart eco homes generate as much energy as they consume. These high-end smart homes create healthier air both inside and outside. Under construction and customizable.


Not only does an energy smart home produce as much energy as it consumes—net zero—but it also helps you and your family thrive by providing clean air on the inside and cleaner air outside. Homes contribute nearly 40% of air pollution and that significantly affects the quality of our health.

But energy smart also means you can direct your home by phone to do your bidding—everything from appliances, heating, cooling, your sound system, and lighting. Now that’s smart!

Specifications and Advantages:


The perfect healthy home is only part of the picture. Just as important is where you live. Especially when it comes to living a thriving and sustainable lifestyle.

We build our net-zero homes in highly desirable urban neighborhoods in walking/biking/transit distance to the most needed and wanted amenities. Car ownership is optional. Parks, groceries, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, education, exploration, and nature are all close at hand for your wellbeing as well as the planet’s.


Shopping and Restaurants:





How our homes look and feel is just as compelling as their unique net zero properties and ideal urban location. Living Zenith creates not just a home but an aesthetic of beauty, quiet, and comfort. Feng shui is the word of the day due to the clean and well-thought out design and carefully chosen and crafted materials—most of which are from sustainable sources.

The natural and the high-tech combined with thoughtful design create a space that is elevating and inspiring.


  • Swiss-modern
  • Light-filled premium windows
  • Open floor-plan, vaulted ceilings
  • Spacious great room
  • Master en-suite
  • Retreats in Loft, Porch, Patio
  • Built-in patio features—planter-boxes & benches


  • Sustainable building materials
  • Renewable cedar (FSC)
  • Recycled steel
  • Stained concrete
  • Reclaimed artistic 3form finishes
  • Sustainable wool carpeting
  • Quartz countertops
  • Mountainland fixtures
  • Solid wood doors
  • Stainless steel Bosch appliances

1172 South 400 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111


Remarkably, these high-end energy saving smart homes—with near zero energy bills—have been competitively priced. There is nothing in the state of Utah (or most states for that matter) that can compare to the energy efficient design, location, and abundant amenities that this community of five homes offers. Like our Arlington homes, they will likely sell before being completed.

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Appointment necessary due to construction.
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