Living Zenith offers life elevated.

Embrace energy resilience in a pure environment from your personal mountain retreat. Surrounded by lush forest on the shores of Strawberry Reservoir, Living Zenith at Strawberry Ranches is a sublime community in serene wilderness outback.

Retreat, restore & rejuvenate under colorful skies in a limitless expanse of Aspens and enjoy close encounters with wildlife.

Get off the grid and enjoy 70* comfort during all seasons at the pinnacle of energy independence. Embrace ultimate freedom in the Living Zenith home far from the hustle of city life. Built like a yeti, these 4-season homes offer a “thermos-effect” which super-insulates and allows you to extend your stay through previously “off-season” colder months.

This totally-resilient passive cabin stands alone in its class with the nation’s highest standards of comfort, quality & durability. Enjoy natural comfort through passive solar, open floorplans & larger-than-life lake views. Innovatively designed, these customizable homes integrate renewable energy onsite, eliminate grid dependencies & easily maintain 70* comfort year round.

Welcome to the pinnacle of Strawberry’s comfort & lifestyle.  Welcome to Living Zenith.

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As the pioneer of Utah's 1st net-zero community, Living Zenith is Utah's passive home leader. Experience the feel of a quaint European village in this walkable community boasting botanical gardens, dialogue groups, guided nature hikes and group adventures (including ski trips to nearby Park City & Deer Valley; mountain biking; back-country hiking; and boating/fishing in 3 nearby reservoirs).

As the pioneer of Utah's 1st net-zero community, Living Zenith is Utah's passive home leader. Experience the feel of a quaint European village in this walkable community boasting botanical gardens, dialogue groups, guided nature hikes and group adventures (including ski trips to nearby Park City & Deer Valley; mountain biking; back-country hiking; and boating/fishing in 3 nearby reservoirs).

Energy Innovated

Efficiency & innovation surpassing standards nationally & internationally.

Cohesively Crafted

Materials & design that weave modern with timeless.

A Sense of Place

Mountain lifestyle & location whose beauty is therapeutic.

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Living Zenith 5 Star Design

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Living Zenith sets the new standard.


Integrated & Modern

Inspired by award-winning engineering, these smart homes integrate best aspects of Passivehaus, LEED-certified, and Net-Zero architecture from Europe/Scandinavia. With a modern aesthetic that is simple yet sublime, Living Zenith offers the pinnacle of form seamlessly fused with functionality.

Stunning renewable finishes compliment our integrated energy design, including: FSC-certified Cedar, natural Oak, reclaimed steel and recycled concrete. Concrete floors and quartz countertops offer thermal-mass temp control with luxurious aesthetic.

A feng-shui floorplan incorporates light-filled openness with Euro-glass surrounds, exposed steel beams, a vaulted ceiling and built-in art displays with spot lighting. Perfect for hosting, our great room offers 2 countertop islands with barstool seating, open-flow kitchen layout with superior stainless steel appliances (better than Energy-Star standards and low-flow water features).

Retreat to your Master Loft en-suite with a spacious master closet, artistic steel mirror and mountain-views from large windows. Finishing touches include: Built-in steel planter boxes with patio benches, Himalayan carpets, stained wood baseboards, quartz countertops, solid wood doors and LED lighting.

Clean & Efficient

Heat your home with a hair dryer? Sure. Living Zenith achieves a new benchmark in residential resilience and home energy efficiency. Our tight construction means you need less power to keep your pad 71° all year. And, our strategic net zero design allows each home to create the energy it needs.

What’s the recipe? Start from the ground up to build a tight thermal enclosure (thermos-effect). Then, add: ultra efficient heating/air systems, triple-paned windows, energy-star appliances, and LEDs. Top it off with a 5.7kW rooftop-PV array, battery storage, car-charger, and e-bike.

Embrace the independence of powering your own home in the day; save excess electricity to your battery or export to the grid when there’s a surplus. After sunset, draw back from the battery/grid as you please. Increasingly considered by homebuyers as a selection factor, net zero energy-efficiency is gaining traction for financial reasons (it saves money through tax credits and lowers utility bills to nearly zero). Besides eliminating your utility cost, you create a net-positive flow of clean energy straight from the sun and into your life. Can we say good karma?

Fresh & Filtered

Not only does the Living Zenith home reduce costs and energy demand; our homes actually improve the air you breathe. In the USA, 40% of air pollution is due to buildings; by contrast, our purely electric homes emit nothing. We’ve taken care to eliminate home toxins and allergenic materials inside the home.

We carefully curated sustainable finishes that don’t harm people or planet. We avoided the “Red List” of harmful building materials that off-gas in the home. To make your air pristine, we traveled as far as the Himalayas to find only the best wool carpets that are free from VOCs and formaldehyde.

Although 48% of typical home energy demand is from heating and cooling, our net zero homes require substantially less energy to heat/cool.

We’ve chosen state of the art air systems, including: ducted mini-splits on each level (channeled to key zones at peak times); an HRV on each level (continuously refreshes and filters incoming outside air); and a whole-house-fan (mounted in the great room to provide flow to the entire home).

Indeed, Living Zenith homes create healthier indoor air and improved outdoor air. Since most people are indoors 90% of the time, Living Zenith is literally a breath of fresh air and a real respite on red air days.

Automated & Personalized

Coined the “Tesla of Utah Homes,” the Living Zenith home offers cutting edge science with personalized software to localize living for each owner’s preference. We’re redefining the concept of “custom home” where smart technology meets modern aesthetic and superior architecture.

Each home is equipped to monitor: energy usage (dual meter to indicate energy created, utilized, stored); indoor air quality (dust, toxins, humidity, temperature, carbon monoxide, VOCs); water usage (showers, sinks, toilets, laundry); home security/comfort (outdoor cameras, automated garage door, interior/exterior lighting, sound barrier).

Mapping personal patterns allows you to get personal: know yourself and let your home know you. Control your home remotely with a single touch from your phone, a switch, or your laptop.

The Living Zenith smart home is hinged on integrated systems that aggregate data, interpret patterns, and recommend strategies for you to live better and more healthful.

Vibrant & Walkable

Living Zenith means you can live in a healthy green community at the heart of a walkable neighborhood. Choosing net zero means greater self reliance and a more deliberate lifestyle.

Living Zenith at Heber is designed for those who defy the status quo by marrying supposedly “mutually-exclusive” ideals: the best of what’s modern with a timeless connection to the environment. Welcome to life at the Zenith.


Location of Living Zenith
at Heber

Living Zenith @ Heber

Living Zenith at Liberty Park is located at 1172 South 400 East, Salt Lake City, Utah. Just one block west of Liberty Park.

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